Anil Ramnanan

BSc. Computing and Information Systems, MPhil. Computer Science [email protected]

I'm currently a Systems Administrator at the University of the West Indies Open Campus with the responsibilities of managing the organisation’s Learning Management Systems. I'm a Graduate of the University of the West Indies with an MPhil in Computer Science and has served as a Director of the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society and with extensive experience in the area of Open Source Software.

I am also a software developer with experience in both web based and mobile applications. I have developed applications using the Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL stack as well as Python and Flask. My most recent experience is with the development and implementation on Cloud based infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services where I hold certifications as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

My research involved computer vision using Open Source technologies such as OpenCV and Internet of Things using hardware platforms such as the Raspberry Pi and Ardiuno.

During 2006-2007, I was the Regional IS/IT for the South West Regional Health Authority responsible for overseeing the IS/IT and communicating services of two (2) Hospitals, two (2) District Health Facilities and thirty three (33) Health Centres.

In 2005, I was awarded a grant for Google Code Programme to develop Open Source Component for Apache Forrest Project. Previously, I was at the University of the West Indies as the Lead Software Developer on the Burrokeet Project, an Open Source Learning Content Management System developed in conjunction with IBM.


Programming Languages & Tools

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Issued Feb 2021

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Issued Nov 2020

IT Information Library Foundations Certification (ITIL)
Issued Oct 2019
Credential ID GR750575583AR


Here are some of the projects that I have woked on

My Beach My Water online shop is a Wordpress based e-commerse website with payment integration to the WiPay platform.

The My Beach My Water Beach Experience is a custom mobile app built on a LAMP stack using the Slim PHP Framework. It uses Google Maps to show the location of beaches on the map as well as information about the facilities available on the beach.

HelpQ is an application that helps users manage lines at an establishment. It allows users to add customers to a virtual line and contact them when they are ready to be served. It is built on a LAMP stack using the Slim framework with integration to Clickatell for SMS.

This responsive webb app was built for the Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week 2016. It proveded a searchable database of restaurants that can be filtered using a smart search box. It also links to Google Maps to provide diretions to the establishment.

Additional Projects

Developed a Medical Check-in System for Caribbean FuturScape

I developed a custom Medical checkin system which integrated with the universal identity systems at the Caribbean FutureScape Experience held my the Caribbean Telecommunications Union in 2019 and 2020. The system allowed a user to use their Caribbean FutureScape ID to authenticate with the system, book a medical appointment and create and collect a prescription. The intent was to demonstrate how an application can integrate with a fully digital Caribbean wide ecosystem. The application was done on behalf of TTLab and was demonstrated at the Caribbean FutureScape Events in Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname.

Developed the Raspberry Pi Plant Monitor

This is system for collecting environmental information for plants using sensors attached to a Raspberry Pi unit. These sensors included soil moisture, temperature, humidity and UV index sensors. I was asked to present my solution on behalf of the Department of Computing and Information Technology at the UWI-NGC Research Expo
JFK Quadrangle and Auditorium, September, 2015

Team member for mFisheries Project

I participated as part of the development team on the mFisheries mobile application. This was an Android based mobile application and I was responsible for the development of the Got Fish/Need Fish function which allowed fisherfolk to match their inventory with potential buyers.
Publication - Networks for Development: Caribbean ICT Research Programme, Trinidad and Tobago(CIRPTT), Research Theme 3: Mobile Opportunities 2.0 - mFisheries, Kim Mallalieu (PhD) on behalf of the CIRPTT Team, 2012

Academic Publications

Ramnanan, A., & Bernard, M. (2006). The delivery and development of an online course using open source learning content management tools. The 4th Pan Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning

Bernard, M., & Ramnanan, A. (2009). Burrokeet, an application for creating and publishing content packages with support for multiple input and output formats. International Journal of Education and Development using ICT, 5(4).

Bernard M., Ramnanan A., Singh R. (2010) “Developing and Using an Open Source Learning Content Management System in the Caribbean”. Chapter 2 Educational Technology in Practice: Research and Practical Case Studies from the Field. Volume 2 Series Educational Design and Technology in the Knowledge Society, Edited by S. Marshall and W. Kinuthia, pp.15 – 27

Ramnanan, A., Haniff R., Beharry S., Deploying a Successful Learning Content and Student Manangement System Using Open Source Technologies ,The 6th Pan Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning, Kochi India (2010).

Contributor to Case study on Open Campus and use of Open Source Software Free and Open Source Software, Open Data, and Open Standards in the Caribbean: Situation Review and Recommendations, August 2013 more

Academic Presentations

Moodle Moot UK (2010) Moodle Integration with Google Apps & The Open Campus Student Management System –Kevin Ramsoobhag, Anil Ramnanan (co-author)

Moodle Moot Canada (July 2011) Auto grouping Enrollment plugin for Moodle 2.0 – Anil Ramnanan, Reiza Haniff more

Moodle Moot Online (August 2011) Auto grouping Enrollment plugin for Moodle 2.0 – Anil Ramnanan, Reiza Haniff more

Moodle Moot Canada 2013 Moodle workshop for teaching EFL ||Moodle: Integrating external application with web services – Anil Ramnanan

Presentations and Panels

Presentation/Panel Discussion for UWI Open Data Conference 2013
Extending Open Data, Open Standards and FOSS for sustainable development

Coach for UWI Open Data Code Sprint 2015
Developing the Caribbean (DevCA) 2015 Open Data Conference and Code Sprint, hosted by the Caribbean Open Institute and The University of the West Indies in association with the CTU’s 25th Anniversary ICT Week more

Sponsor and Coach for Startup Weekend 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Beginning with Friday night pitches and continuing through brainstorming, business plan development, and basic prototype creation, Startup Weekends culminate in Sunday night demos and presentations.

Article - Who’s afraid of digital in T&T? | Contact Magazine
16 October, 2018 MEP Publishers Blog, CONTACT Magazine
Interviews by Anil Ramnanan, Director, Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society

Adjunct Researcher at TTLab
Research done on Computer Vision and Machine Learning to detect face and body features using OpenCV.
TTLab 2017

A Developer's Introduction to Machine Learning and Computer Vision
Presentation at the GDG DevFest Port-of-Spain 2018
Google Developer Group 2018

The Microservice Architecture
Presentation at the GDG DevFest Port-of-Spain 2019
Google Developer Group 2019

Using a Chromebook for Software Development
Presentation at the GDG DevFest Port-of-Spain 2020
Google Developer Group 2020